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DEFCON® was incorporated in 1985.  “DEFCON” is a military term which means “defense readiness condition” and is a measure of the activation and readiness level of the United States Armed Forces. 

In our early years, we assisted foreign firms initiate business in the United States. In support of NATO RSI (Rationalization, Standardization and Integration), we worked with businesses from France, Germany and Portugal, among others, who partnered with U.S. firms and contracted with the U.S. military.  In the 1990s, we moved in new directions.  The first was providing COO/CFO/CIO level support to U.S. Departments and Agencies, focused on improving their management and operations. The second was supporting American technology-based business in navigating the complexities of the federal procurement system. 

DEFCON® is a registered trademark of the Company.


James L. Wolbarsht

President and CEO

Jim Wolbarsht has held CEO, CFO, CIO, and Board positions in both million- and billion-dollar firms, and generated several hundred million dollars in revenues for clients. The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Baltimore Sun, FORTUNE Magazine and The National Journal have all cited him as a technology and management expert.  His has repeatedly produced measurable outcomes and business growth for Fortune 500s and smaller businesses.  His article, “Making the Change We Need Really Happen” in The Washington Times, targeted getting results in the public sector.  Jim focuses on defense, intelligence and homeland security.

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Michael J. Cifrino


Mr. Cifrino has over 30 years experience in business and government, with more than ten years in senior management, managing business risks for a $9B U.S. Government agency and for a $3B UK defense corporation.  Until 2011, as VP and General Counsel for Cobham plc’s North American business units, he was responsible for all legal matters, including regulatory compliance for mergers and acquisitions, contract compliance, export and import compliance, and government security requirements.

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