Information Technology Outsourcing

For the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms at Treasury, DEFCON® conducted an impact assessment of information technology outsourcing. We developed a methodology for continuous improvement of IT services and reviewed Special Agent (i.e., field operations) utilization of new technology.

Agency Management and Operations

As an individual member of the Director’s External Review Team, analyzed all aspects of the National Security Agency’s management and operations, including reviewing NSA’s information technology policy and infrastructure.  NSA is the largest employer in the State of Maryland.

Large-Scale Program Costing

DEFCON® reviewed the Long-Haul Communications Component of the National Missile Defense Program.  We provided recommendations to the Director of the Agency, which resulted in the saving of several hundred million dollars without sacrificing program performance.

Market Assessment for Technology

For the Commissioner, Federal Technology Service at GSA, we conducted a market assessment for FTS’ Seat Management product including one-on-one interviews with a majority of federal Chief Information Officers.  This effort resulted in better alignment between sellers and buyers and had a positive effect on the financial bottom line.

Cross-Cutting Departmental IT Issues

DEFCON® assisted the prestigious Institute for Defense Analyses in conducting a broad-based review of critical information technology issues for an incoming Administration.

Manpower and Personnel

Our CEO served as a Member of the Committee on “Manpower and Personnel Needs for a Transformed Naval Force” at the National Academies.  The report was published by the National Research Council in January 2008.  A text and a link to the report is available on the DEFCON® Home Page.

Improved Collaboration Among Analysts

Working through MITRE Corporation, DEFCON® supported the design of large-scale information systems for an Intelligence Community customer.  We also used new technologies to develop improved methods for collaboration among analysts.