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Large-Scale Program Management

The history of government programs that are off-schedule, over-cost and under-performing is legendary.  From shipbuilding to large-scale information networks, to embassy construction and weapons systems, the problems are frequent, major, costly, predictable — and preventable!  DEFCON® has the experience and track record to help government design and manage large, complex programs.

Failure to create proper program architectures, inadequate planning and the lack of effective program management contribute to the “horror” stories we read every day.  Use of Large-Scale Integrators creates another common problem.  By effectively outsourcing both design and construction to the same firm, the vendor is ultimately responsible for justifying its own performance.  Independent, specialized expertise is needed on the government’s side of the table throughout the process. Our team has worked with dozens of projects over several decades, from positions in both industry and government. DEFCON® will ensure that your Program Office meets its goals!

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Our Corporate Values

  • Operate with Integrity
  • Highest Ethical Standards
  • Do It Right the First Time

Extraordinary Technology Strategies™

The scientific and technology community calls it the “Valley of Death”—the gap between the lab bench and operational programs.  Many valuable technologies never make it to the field, where they would add important value to national security programs.  Within the byzantine federal acquisition system there are multiple points of failure, and even critically-needed technologies face numerous obstacles to success.

We support industry in producing meaningful results in commercial time frames.  Since 1985, DEFCON® has supported clients from around the world in navigating the U.S. Executive Branch.  We work in the fields of defense, intelligence and homeland security to help ensure effective integration of key technologies into programs of record.  We have nearly 25 years of experience in ensuring client success!

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